We are looking for people who deeply resonate with our vision. Open-mindedness and an inclination to challenge the status quo are key qualities we seek. Have a look at our open positions and follow the steps outlined below to submit your application.

Understand The Project

Understand The Project

NPS is unique in philosophy and approach. By far the most important criteria for us in selecting the candidates is that they understand and imbibe our Novel approach.

Open Positions

Open Positions
  •  Specialists for English
  •  Specialists for Kashmiri
  •  Specialists for Hindi
  •  Specialists for Computers
  •  Specialists for Math
  •  Specialists for Science
  •  Specialists for Sports

For any queries please write to us at [email protected].  Please click on ‘Apply’ for any of the positions listed above to complete and submit your application for your position of interest