The Chishtiya Education Society undertaking the Educational Enterprise is being carried out in the campus of name and style of Novel Public School situated in Delina Baramulla. NPS guidelines which emphasize the importance of imparting academic, technical and methodological to the little hearts i-e young kids enabling them to learn various discipline as per the demands of modern education. This endeavor is realized into practice in two ways:

  1. By our skilled, trained teachers following the step by step flow chart of the teaching program, spilling their guts, guiding them to teach in small doses so that no child skips the step. Stepwise learning in small doses makes the child knowledgeable and conceptually sound.
  2. By using audiovisual aids and playing educational cassettes in the classroom erases any speck of doubt in the minds of the learners. Practicing this logical pattern of pedagogy makes the whole call equipotential in terms of learning. However to maintain the momentum of achievement and to cross-check the abilities of students, smart works sheets are prepared and given to them as homework which they do glibly. This it eliminates the tension of private tutioning and makes them and their parents’ burden free.



Special heed is paid in the domains of moral and physical education which is much wanting in our society. In fact, moral and physical education is the distinct features of Novel Public School.

In the morning assembly, when all the students and teachers congregate for school prayers, the students are arranged in different rows to do some light exercise to activate them for the day. After the prayer, different teachers deliver sermons to the students. Wise sayings and very short stories of good moral values are narrated. The students listen with all ears and are advised to apply the sage and wisdom in their day to day activities with the purpose of making them habitual noble and virtuous. In fact, moral excellence comes as a result if habit. We become just by doing just acts, temperate by doing temperate acts, brave by doing brave acts.

With regard to Physical education, the class is divided into different houses with different color code uniforms for playing various games in the school. Such an arrangement creates a competitive atmosphere in the school. Each house strives to overwhelm the other one. Physical education teacher explains the rules of the game and when applied during play, the teacher explains the students the virtues of tolerance, perseverance, honesty and sincerely For small kids, a small PlayStation and relatively grownup kids, a big play station is installed in the campus for swing and slide entertainment.



“Well organized homework can play a vital role in raising standards of achievement “

This policy is based on NPS guidelines which emphasize the importance of homework and how it helps your child to learn, rather than focus on if it takes a certain amount of time. It is mandatory for the all students of NPS do their homework.

The amount and type of homework we set at NPS, is at a level which most people feel is reasonable and in line with progressing continuous education and reflection.

Why is homework important?

  • It raises your children’s achievement.
  • It consolidates and excludes the work they have done in school.
  • It helps to inform you about your children’s school work and practice same at home.

The Purpose of Homework:

The rationale behind the assigning homework is:

  • To develop study habits and responsibilities
  • To reinforce the skills and concepts taught in class
  • To maintain the momentum of achievement
  • To provide the opportunity to practice what was learned

Role of children:

Children will benefit greatly from homework if:

  • They listen carefully to the instructions given.
  • They note down their homework meticulously in their dairies.
  • They organize themselves so that they are effective time wise.
  • They submit their homework on time
  • They consult the teacher if they are uncertain about any concept

Role of Parents:

  • Encourage the children to check the homework dairy every day and be aware of the work themselves
  • Provide the child with the necessary material to work effectively.
  • Provide guidance and not solutions/answers to the child. Too much assistance or providing answers will make them dependent.
  • Be informed about child’s assignments
  • Keep an open communication with teachers.
  • Motivate and encourage the child to produce the best.

Role of Teachers:

  • Explain the homework clearly to the students
  • Take into account the individual ability of each student when homework is explained
  • Enter the instructions of homework diaries appropriately
  • Keep communication open with the student and parent


  • Students must be at the bus stop at the designated time for pick-up in the morning. The driver will wait for no more than three (3) minutes at each stop. The driver makes every effort to be on time. However, traffic may hinder his goal or may reach early. Your patience and understanding of these circumstances will be appreciated.
  • We request parents to provide their children with water bottles/flasks to avoid dehydration.
  • Please inform the school transport in-charge or driver (preferably in writing) if your child is not going to be on the bus in the morning or afternoon.
  • It is important that all the children remain seated in bus throughout the journey. Unruly behavior may cause injury or even distract the driver, resulting in an accident. Such behavior on the bus will lead to disciplinary action against the child.
  • Students are not allowed to board any bus other than one allotted to them.



Uniform is provided by the school. Regular school uniform is worn by all days except on days when students have P.E classes. Students should dress up in proper and neat uniform.


  • One clear calendar months’ notice in written or a month’s fees in lieu of such notice must be given before a child is withdrawn from the school.
  • Every absence (due to sickness or otherwise) must be entered in school diary and duly signed by the parent/guardian.
  • Parents are requested to send leave application if the child has to be absent for more than one day. If no information is received by the school, an external memo will be sent to parents.


  • Students must reach the school on time.
  • Students must come to school in proper uniform.
  • The attendance of school must be regular. However, in case of unavoidable circumstances, a leave application has to be sent by the parent to in-charge teacher.
  • Students are expected to be social, polite and courteous with their peers and school staff. They should always refrain from arrogant and violent behavior.
  • All students are expected to converse in English.
  • Students will not be allowed to leave the school premises without a genuine reason and valid permission of the Principal of the school.
  • Students are not allowed wot bring school material that is not relevant to academics. Possessing undesirable material such as video/audio cassettes, camera, CD / DVD, floppy disks, Mobile Phone, objectionable printing material, etc. would be considered a serious offense.
  • All students should have a full awareness of personal hygiene.
  • The school is for the students. Therefore, every student should have a sense of belonging. He / She must utilize the school facilities like the school bus, classrooms, libraries, etc. in the desired manner. Students should not cause any damage to school property. Any such damage caused will be amended by recovering the cost from the student.
  • Disrespect for and disobedience to superiors and teacher, using abusive language, writing on the furniture and walls and exhibiting other habits or behaviour considered objectionable by the school authorities will render the student liable to punishment.



Any violation of above will result in suspension /rustication/dismissal of the concerned student/students.


  • Please cooperate with the school by paying attention to your ward’s regularity, punctuality, and discipline and by taking interest in his/ her work.
  • Do check the school bag of your ward for any circular, worksheet, invitation or homework given in the dairy.
  • Regularly monitoring the academic progress of your child and communicate with concerned teachers through this dairy regarding problems, if any.
  • Taking leave must be avoided as far as possible. In case of emergency, please take written permission from the school Principal. Class teacher and transport facility in-charge must also be informed.
  • When sick, do not send your child to school.
  • Latecomers will not be accepted in the class without a valid reason. Kindly co-operate with us to reinforce the value of punctuality and discipline among the students.
  • Please do not give a mobile phone to your child. Any child carrying a mobile phone or any other gadget to school shall be fined and disciplinary action will be taken.
  • Children tend to pick up abusive language / foul words from media and other sources without understanding their meaning. We take requisite measures to counsel and check them at school and request you to take corrective action at home too.
  • Please inform the school authorities immediately in case of a change in address & contact no.
  • Attend all parent-teacher meeting to check the progress of your ward.
  • All fees due is to be paid within nine days from the beginning of the month. The late fees charge is Rs. 20 per day.
  • The school does not accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever, for any accident that may happen, either while traveling from or to school or at school either during or after school hours.