About CES

About CES

Chishtiya Education Society (Reg No. 4528-S of 2004) is a team of well qualified philanthropic personnel. CES is essentially an institution of social service, meant for social, moral and economic upliftment of relatively weaker and backward people. It is purely non-political in character and has no affiliation with religious/ethnic or any anti-national organization. The society is authorized and is running a primary school (vide order no 18154-56 -copy attached) in the name and style of Novel Public School. The school is located in Delina Baramulla, behind PDD Grid Station, where admission is open for weaker and downtrodden people of the society who cannot obtain admission in namely Hi-Phi schools, where education is at a premium. (list of beneficiaries attached – Appendix II)

The fee structure of the school is designed in perspective of a local downtrodden population.

Members of Society

Members of Society
Prof. Dr.  Shabir Ahmad Chishti – Chair

Prof. Shabir Ahmad Chishti is the lead proposer for the Chishtiya Education society (CES), Baramulla, Kashmir.  He is the current Chair of the society and is Academic Director of Novel Public School – a venture of Chishtiya Education society. Prof. Shabir Ahmad, a visionary and one of the respected teachers of the district, aims to bring in the right and necessary changes in current pedagogy by implementing the latest tools of the modern education system.

Prof. Shabir Ahmad (retired as Degree College Principal Handwara) is a professor of Electronics and communication and has served the J&K state, in various colleges (Sopore Degree College, Baramulla Degree College, Handwara Degree College) across the valley for more than 33 years.

Dr. Qurrat ul-Ain

Qualification: Ph.D. – PGIM, Bio-Chemistry

Present occupation: PDRA Nano-medicine, University of Liverpool, UK

Dr. Humyra Sajad

Qualification: Ph. D (Nano Technology, IIT Kanpur)

Dr. Suheela Zubair

Qualification: MAEBM, PhD (Marketing) – AMU

Present occupation: Assistant Professor SSM College of Eng. and Tech.

Er. Laraib Muzamil Chishti

Qualification B.Tech – Electrical Engineering (NIT Srinagar)

Previous: Sales Manager at ABB India Ltd, North region

Present occupation: Sales and Marketing Manager, ABB Saudi Arabia,